Saadeddine Shehab

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A polyclonal antibody to goldfish GFAP recognises, immunohistochemically, astrocyte populations in rat brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. The pattern of staining compares favourably with that obtained using a polyclonal anti-human GFAP or a monoclonal anti-porcine GFAP. These results are consistent with the notion that GFAP is well conserved in vertebrate(More)
  • S Kanagalingam, S S Shehab, D A Kaminsky, R A Wise, J E Lang, A E Dixon
  • 2017
Sinonasal disease can contribute to poor asthma control. There are reports that link obesity with an increased prevalence of sinonasal disease, but no studies evaluating the severity of sinonasal disease in obese asthmatics, and how this impacts asthma control. The purpose of the current study was to determine if obesity is associated with increased(More)
This paper describes the development, validation, and uses of the Collaborative Computing Observation Instrument (C-COI), a webbased analysis instrument that classifies individual and/or collaborative behaviors of students during computing problem-solving (e.g. coding, programming). The C-COI analyzes data gathered through video and audio screen recording(More)
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