Saadat Pourmozaffari

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Delay optimization with considering effective parameters in the design, such as energy consumption, need an extra effort to achieve quick solutions. In this paper, by taking the requirements of current design processes into account for sake of simultaneously considering all of the effective parameters, in one hand, and also trying to use the privilege of(More)
In this paper, a simulation-based fault injection analysis of a MIPS-based dual-core processor is presented, an approach is proposed to improve the reliability of most vulnerable parts of the processor components and then the improvement is evaluated. In the first series of experiments, a total of 9100 transient faults were injected in 114 different fault(More)
This study presents Intra-Inter Block Control Flow Checking method (I2BCFC) based on software instruction level redundancy for intra-inter block control flow errors detection. In utilizing electronic equipment, space applications designers have two options ahead: radiation-hardening or radiation-tolerant equipment and Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS)(More)
Computer networks are complex interacting systems composed of individual entities such as various devices, workstations and servers. Nowadays, Internet Protocol (IP) is used as a dominant layer 3 protocol. The evolving nature of IP networks makes it difficult to fully understand the dynamics of the systems and networks. To obtain a basic understanding of(More)
With continuous scaling in CMOS technology thenumber of transistors grows more and more in a single die. Today Chip multiprocessors (CMPs) are the most architecturethat used in the computer industry to utilize the huge numbersof transistors. Reliability beside performance and powerdissipation is the most important metric in a processor. Onethe key challenge(More)
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