Saad Ullah Akram

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Live cell imaging in 3D platforms is a highly informative approach to visualize cell function and it is becoming more commonly used for understanding cell behavior. Since these experiments typically generate large data sets their analysis manually would be very laborious and error prone. This has led to the necessity of automatic image analysis tools. Cell(More)
The composition of the matrix molecules is important in in vitro cell culture experiments of e.g. human cancer invasion and vessel formation. Currently, the mouse Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) sarcoma -derived products, such as Matrigel®, are the most commonly used tumor microenvironment (TME) mimicking matrices for experimental studies. However, since(More)
Accurate cell segmentation is vital for the development of reliable microscopy image analysis methods. It is a very challenging problem due to low contrast, weak boundaries, and conjoined and overlapping cells; producing many ambiguous regions, which lower the performance of automated segmentation methods. Cell proposals provide an efficient way of(More)
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