Saad Tapuchi

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The paper proposes a new type of linear electrostatic motor operated on a principle of the electric field effect. The unique structure of the motor and the use of new dielectric materials with high electric permittivity significantly increase its generated force. The generated force is further increased by using several layers of capacitors. The proposed(More)
—This paper presents a rigorous approach for the propagation of electromagnetic (EM) fields along a helical waveguide with slab and rectangular dielectric profiles in the rectangular cross section. The main objective is to develop a numerical method for the calculation of the output fields, for an arbitrary step's angle and the radius of the cylinder of the(More)
—This paper presents an improved approach for the propagation of electromagnetic (EM) fields along a helical hollow waveguide that consists of two bendings in the same direction. In this case, the objective is to develop a mode model for infrared (IR) wave propagation, in order to represent the effect of the radius of the cylinder of the helix and the(More)
The smart grid a new generation of standard power distribution grid. The communication infrastructure is critical for the successful operation of the modern smart grids. The use of communication technologies ensures the reduction of energy consumption, optimal operation of the smart grid and coordination between all smart grids' components from generation(More)
The paper proposes new improved MPPT measurement method based on the conventional Fractional Open Circuit Voltage (FOCV) method, where the maximum power point voltage is estimated by continuous measuring of PV panel's open circuit voltage and calculation of the voltage factor. In the proposed Semi-Pilot Cell (SPC-FOCV) the measurements of the open circuit(More)
The paper proposes an original DC-AC inverter that is based on combination of buck converter with standard three-level H-bridge inverter. This inverter uses simple feed-forward control in order to obtain almost sinusoidal output currents and voltages. The first advantage of the proposed inverter over standard inverter topologies is simple structure with(More)
The paper proposes a new type of the synchronous AC machine operated on a principle of the electric field effect. The proposed machine has smaller size and lighter weight than the standard electromagnetic synchronous machines with the same rated parameters. Another important advantage is a simple structure of the machine, which simplifies the production(More)