Saad N Al-Dusari

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OBJECTIVES Analysis of the clinical features, laboratory findings, treatment given and complications seen in brucellosis patients at the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital, Hafr Al-Batin, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. METHODS We retrieved and reviewed the record charts of all patients from January 1995 to December 2001 with a clinical diagnosis of brucellosis(More)
The results of living non-related renal transplants from India involving unethical exploitation of the donor are inferior. We followed-up 12 patients from our unit who went to a center in Bombay for renal transplantation and compared the results with our local new renal transplant programme. Two-year graft survival was 70% compared to 88% with our new renal(More)
Patients from the North-West area of Saudi Arabia had to travel to Riyadh or Jeddah for renal transplantation and post-transplant follow-up. The administration of the North-West Armed Forces Hospitals Program provided medical expertise and financial support to set up a renal transplant program in this area. Suitable staff members including nephrologists,(More)
OBJECTIVE Documentation of the morbidity in sickle cell patients presenting at the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital, Hafr Al Batin, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the burden of delivering care to these patients. METHODS The record charts of all Saudi patients with Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) admitted between June 1994 through to July 2001 were(More)
A retrospective hospital-based cross-sectional survey in a Saudi Arabian hospital compared the frequency of visits to hospital of low-birth-weight and normal-birth-weight infants and of preterm and full-term infants during the first year of life. A multivariate analysis of the visits for health care with birth weight, term, Apgar score, mode of delivery and(More)
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