Saad Mohamed Darwish

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Code obfuscation, a tool converts a program into one that is functionally identical to the original but which is much more difficult for attacker to understand is currently the most viable technique for preventing malicious reverse engineering of software. This paper examines the use of opaque predicates as one of the building blocks of obfuscating(More)
Robust and secure transmission strategy for high-quality image through wireless networks is considered a great challenge. However, majority of encrypted image transmission schemes do not consider well the effect of bit errors occurring during transmission and this issue is considered a problem that should be handled by an efficient coding scheme. In this(More)
Reliable image transmission is requirement of many fields of security and privacy nowadays for example, digital watermarking, stenography, encryption etc. Many researchers also consider secure image transmission as a robustness feature of digital watermarking. In this paper, product codes are proposed for secure image transmission due to their structural(More)
In this paper, secure channel coding schemes based on convolutional codes are suggested to enhance the performance of combined cryptography and coding theory, which is called "Crypto-Coding". In the proposed work, Data Encryption Standard (DES) for security and channel coding algorithm such as convolutional code for efficient transmission are(More)
As the world economy keeps on changing, financial institutions and investors always look forward to a system by which they can monitor the dynamic financial state of the world. This calls for a system that could simulate and predict financial positions based on financial market trends in order to manage and identify the best package to invest in. The paper(More)
The process of information propagation through the Internet may expose it to risk by discovering and stealing. Steganography is the art of hiding the existence of data in another transmission medium to get secret communication. There are several challenges facing the process of data hiding in images, such as embedding capacity, image quality, security, and(More)
SQL Injection (SQLI) is one of the most popular vulnerabilities of web applications. The consequences of SQL injection attack include the possibility of stealing sensitive information or bypassing authentication procedures. SQL injection attacks have different forms and variations. One difficulty in detecting malicious attacks is that such attacks do not(More)
The wide usage of the Internet and the availability of powerful computers and high-speed networks as lowcost commodity components have a deep impact on the way we use computers today, in such a way that these technologies facilitated the usage of multi-owner and geographically distributed resources to address large-scale problems in many areas such as(More)