Saad Chaudhry

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Facebook posts compete for human attention in a zero-sum game; this makes it a challenge for government organizations to engage with their citizens through this medium. In a large-scale longitudinal study we investigate what makes Facebook posts popular (seen by many) and effective (commented, liked, or shared by many) in a nonprofit context: the official(More)
The environmental pollutant 2-nitrobenzanthrone (2-NBA) poses human health hazards, and is formed by atmospheric reactions of NOX gases with atmospheric particulates. Though its mutagenic effects have been studied in biological systems, its comprehensive spectroscopic experimental data are scarce. Thus, vibrational and optical spectroscopic analysis(More)
Without physical keyboard, users have to turn to key-based or stylus-based text entry device for solutions. Stylus-based handwriting interaction seems more natural. However, problems of segmentation and recognition come out [3]. (Note that since 2007’s announcement of the iPhone, and widespread adaptability of capacitive touchscreens, stylus has gradually(More)
Indoor location estimation, the process of reckoning the location of a device in an indoor environment, remains a technical challenge due to the poor performance of GPS in such settings. While a substantial amount of work has been done in this context, particularly employing the Wi-Fi fingerprinting technique, the very approach has certain shortcomings. A(More)
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