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French Regime’s ‘Francisation’ as a Paracolonial Policy: A Critical Study of Language, Identity and Assimilation in ‘French’ Morocco
This article explores the colonial role of the French language in assimilating the Moroccan subjects during the French ‘protectorate’ in 1912-1956 Morocco. Probing into the instrumental efforts madeExpand
Barbary’ Mahometans in Early American Propaganda: A Critical Analysis of John Foss’s Captivity Account
This article analyzes the first immigrating images of the North African ‘Mahometan’ in the American imagination via John Foss’s (1798) captivity account. It examines the agenda-led discourses andExpand
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Exploring the Potential of online English Websites In Teaching English To Non-Linguistic Major Students: BreakingNewsEnglish As Example
The Internet has captured the attention of teachers and language instructors from all over the world due to its online teaching materials. The Internet-based material has allowed distance-learningExpand
Ground Zero mosque in the context of America’s post-9/11 religious pluralism: CDA of mainstream news media’s coverage of the discursive event
This article analyzes the Ground Zero Mosque discursive event and the discourses surrounding the American Muslim Community and explores the role of the media in the production and reproductionExpand
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