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In the context of e-health, professionals and healthcare service providers in various organisational and geographical locations are to work together, using information and communication systems, for the purpose of providing better patient-centred and technology-supported healthcare services at anytime and from anywhere. However, various organisations and(More)
The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used by computers to map network addresses (IP) to physical addresses [MAC] and we can't imagine a communications between networks without the support of ARP protocol. However, ARP had been misused by many malicious hosts for illegitimate penetration; ARP Spoofing is one example for such illegal access. ARP Spoofing(More)
In order to realise the goals of e-Health, future e-Health systems will require the capability to support patients’ information management and medical decision making in an open and dynamic ubiquitous medical environment. Such an environment will be knowledge-rich, and sensitive and responsive to the needs of patients, and will allow effective(More)
Heart disease is defined as any abnormal heart condition, and it is prevalent in people today. Considering human body as one big system, many factors play role on this disease. Examining the body provides quite lot of data in many different ways, though understanding the signs in collected data about heart disease requires experience, knowledge, and time(More)
Skin colour modelling and classification play significant roles in face and hand detection, recognition and tracking. A hand is an essential tool used in breast self-examination, which needs to be detected and analysed during the process of breast palpation. However, the background of a woman's moving hand is her breast that has the same or similar colour(More)