Saad Alsunbul

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Currently, the advances in communication technologies as an underlying infrastructure has become essential assist to the business industry, which eases the access to information, and exchanging of data. However, the reliance on these technologies comes with great risk. One of the major security concerns is "Hacking". Much of security solutions are suggested(More)
Many computing systems have recently suffered significantly from hacking, and preventing hacking is important in protecting business, sensitive information and every day network communications. Many efforts have been made to provide security assurance by proposing security solutions. However, the gap between hacking incidents and current security solutions(More)
Network infrastructures have played important part in most daily communications for business industries, social networking, government sectors and etc. Despites the advantages that came from such functionalities, security threats have become a daily struggle. One major security threat is hacking. Consequently, security experts and researchers have suggested(More)
Flooding is one type of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which can cause significant financial losses. This paper presents a new security approach which prevents flooding in the government critical systems and focuses in preventing flooding in non-authenticated client area. A new cooperation with local service providers has been suggested to make the(More)
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