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Problem statement: With the rapid growth of the number of email messages and the diverse use of email, people have become overwhelmed by the large volumes of email archives. As a result, email tools that facilitate the browsing of email messages are highly required. This study described an empirical study that aimed to investigate whether the usability of(More)
This paper presents a comparative usability experiment that was performed to test whether information visualization could improve the usability of email clients. An experimental email visualization prototype called LinearVis was developed in order to organize email messages in the inbox. It visualizes messages based on the date of receiving messages with(More)
A 58-year-old female presented with intracameral retained perfluoro-n-octane (PFO) following previous retinal reattachment surgery. After 4 years of follow-up without related sequelae, the patient complained of a gradual decrease in vision secondary to corneal edema with whitish corneal precipitate inferiorly corresponding to the area of retained PFO. Three(More)
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