Saad Alharbi

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Web revisit has become one of the dominant phenomena in the web. Nevertheless, standard revisit features in typical web browsers currently do not significantly support this phenomenon. Various efforts, therefore, have been carried out to provide web users with approaches for facilitating web revisit. However, these approaches burden users with management(More)
Objectives: To determine antimicrobial resistance pattern of P.aeruginosa in regional tertiary carehospitals of Saudi Arabia. Method and materials: A total of 121 clinical isolates of P.aeruginosa from eight different hospitals were studied. The clinical data of the patients was collected using a predesigned questionnaire. All isolates were identified as(More)
Thirdand fourth-order accurate finite difference schemes for the first derivative of the square of the speed are developed, for both uniform and non-uniform grids, and applied in the study of a two-dimensional viscous fluid flow through an irregular domain. The von Mises transformation is used to transform the governing equations, and map the irregular(More)
This paper presents a comparative usability experiment that was performed to test whether information visualization could improve the usability of email clients. An experimental email visualization prototype called LinearVis was developed in order to organize email messages in the inbox. It visualizes messages based on the date of receiving messages with(More)
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