Sa Xiao

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We hypothesize that the continuum between generalist and specialist adaptations is an important general trade-off axis in the maintenance of local diversity, and we explore this idea with a simple model in which there are patch types to which species arrive as propagules and compete. Each patch type is defined by a competitive ranking of all species. A(More)
Mono-dominance by invasive species provides opportunities to explore determinants of plant distributions and abundance; however, linking mechanistic results from small scale experiments to patterns in nature is difficult. We used experimentally derived competitive effects of an invader in North America, Acroptilon repens, on species with which it co-occurs(More)
Among numerous mechanisms shaping the unimodal relationship between diversity and community biomass, the trade-off model of "CRS" theory is the most famous one. However, recent researches indicate that this relationship may also emerge under the neutral model where all species are identical with each other. By using an individual-based spatially-explicit(More)
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