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Diffusion of charm quarks in jets in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
The radial distribution of $$D^0$$D0 mesons in jets probes the diffusion of charm quark relative to the jet axis and provides a new perspective to study the interaction mechanisms between heavy
Jet tomography in high-energy nuclear collisions
When an energetic parton traversing the QCD medium, it may suffer multiple scatterings and lose energy. This jet quenching phenomenon may lead to the suppression of leading hadron productions as well
Probing the in-medium $P_T$-broadening by $\gamma$+HF angular de-correlations
  • Sa Wang, Jin-Wen Kang
  • Physics
  • 26 July 2021
Sa Wang 2, ∗ and Jin-Wen Kang Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Nuclear Science,Institute of Quantum Matter, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510006, China Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint
Radial distribution of charm quarks in jets in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
Abstract Heavy flavor physics in high-energy heavy-ion collisions is a promising and active area to study the mass dependence of the “jet quenching” effects both at the RHIC and the LHC. In this
The instruments of sFLASH experiment
We will report on the setup and calibration of the instrumentation for sFLASH. The sFLASH experiment is a measurement of the air fluorescence from ∼10$^{21}$ eV artificial air showers developed in an
A method of determining dominant wave direction from multiparameter hydrological gauge measurements and its application
Multi-parameter hydrological gauge is an instrument developed by the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to make simultaneous observation of current, wave, tide,
The Production of $b\bar{b}$ Dijets in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
We report our recent theoretical calculations for $b\bar{b}$ dijet production in high-energy nuclear collisions. The NLO+parton shower (PS) event generator SHERPA has been employed to provide the pp
Radial profile of bottom quarks in jets in high-energy nuclear collisions *
Angular correlations between a heavy quark (HQ) and its tagged jet are potentially new tools to gain insight into the in-medium partonic interactions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. In this
Transverse momentum balance and angular distribution of ${{b\bar{b}}}$ dijets in Pb + Pb collisions
The productions of inclusive b-jet and $b\bar{b}$ dijets in Pb+Pb collisions have been investigated by considering the heavy quark and the light quark in-medium evolution simultaneously. The initial
Radial profile of heavy quarks in jets in high-energy nuclear collisions
In high energy nuclear collisions, heavy flavor tagged jets are useful hard probes to study the properties of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP). In this talk, we present the first theoretical prediction