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We have standardized the measurement of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) activity in plasma. One-chain tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA; EC; final activity, 5 int. units/mL) was incubated with plasma (final dilutions 1:4 to 1:40) in phosphate buffer (pH 7.4, ionic strength = 0.15) for 15 min at 37 degrees C, followed by(More)
G12 rotaviruses are emerging rotavirus strains causing severe diarrhea in infants and young children worldwide. However, the whole genomes of only a few G12 strains have been fully sequenced and analyzed. In this study, we sequenced and characterized the complete genomes of six G12 strains (RVA/Human-tc/MMR/A14/2011/G12P[8],(More)
BACKGROUND There is completely no report about both hen egg anti-lipase immunoglobulin yolk (IgY) and its anti-obesity action. Thus, we tried to isolate and characterize a novel anti-lipase immunoglobulin from hen egg yolk. Moreover, we investigated whether hen egg yolk anti-lipase IgY inhibits pancreatic lipase activity in vitro, and examined its ability(More)
The rotavirus-induced diarrhea of human and animal neonates is a major public health concern worldwide. Until recently, no effective therapy is available to specifically inactivate the rotavirion particles within the gut. Passive immunotherapy by oral administration of chicken egg yolk antibody (IgY) has emerged of late as a fresh alternative strategy to(More)
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