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This paper examines the determinants and consequences of hedge fund activism with a focus on activist directors, i.e., those directors appointed in response to demands by activists. Using a sample of 1,969 activism events over the period 2004–2012, we identify 813 activist directors. We find that activists are more likely to gain board seats at smaller(More)
"Sect of Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine" came into the world four hundred years ago when Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) contacted Western Medicine (WM) at the beginning of the 17th century. It collected historical experiences showing that the cooperation of TCM and WM is more efficient for the cure and prevention of disease than each of(More)
So far, the research has not been actively carried out on the oriental medical books of traditional Korean origin, published before Koryo Dynasty. It was attempted in this study for better understanding of current and pre-Koryo Dynasty oriental medicine by introducing and translating those medical books originated from pre-Koryo Dynasty. However the medical(More)
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