Saša Ristić

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—We present the design, fabrication, and results from the first monolithically integrated optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) suitable for a variety of homodyne and offset phase locking applications. This InP-based PIC contains two sampled-grating distributed reflector (SG-DBR) lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs),(More)
—We present the design, fabrication, and test results for ultra-compact 3-dB frustrated total internal reflection-based trench couplers in an InP/InGaAsP monolithic integration platform. The trench coupler is integrated with phase modulators and a balanced photodiode (BPD) pair to enable a 180-hybrid ultra-compact coherent receiver. Several trench splitter(More)
—We demonstrate a novel photonic integrated circuit(PIC) that combines an ultra compact trench beam splitter with monolithically integrated detectors and modulators. A coherent receiver is realized by flip chip bonding of this PIC with an electronic integrated circuit(EIC). Preliminary system results yield an IMD3 distortion suppression of 46dB at a signal(More)
Lasers were realized on silicon by flip-chip bonding of indium phosphide (InP) devices containing total internal reflection turning mirrors for surface emission. Light is coupled to the silicon waveguides through surface grating couplers. With this technique, InP lasers were integrated on silicon. Laser cavities were also formed by coupling InP reflective(More)
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is an obstetric emergency frequently occurring in a pregnant or puerperal woman, manifested with an acute headache, consciousness impairment, seizures, and visual deficits and is associated with white matter changes predominantly affecting the posterior parietal and occipital lobes of the brain. Apart from(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper deals with a treating method of trigeminal neuralgia classified so far as idiopathic neuralgias and treated conservatively. The study was aimed at proving the compression of peripheral branches of N. trigeminus in those patients by vascular elements of A. maxillaris within the bone-ligament space of the scull and the face base. (More)
Significant enhancement in the direct amplitude modulation bandwidth of an SG-DBR laser has been demonstrated under strong injection-locking conditions, where the wavelength detuning between the master and the free-running SG-DBR slave laser is varied from 28.58 to 13.6 nm. It is demonstrated that the relaxation resonance frequency of a strongly(More)
—We demonstrate proof-of-concept heterodyne locking of the first optical phase-locked loop photonic integrated circuit. The circuit contains two sampled-grating distributed reflector lasers monolithically integrated with optical amplifiers, multimode interference splitters/couplers, and high-speed modulators and photodetectors.