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Export Competitiveness of the Economic Sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abstract The competitiveness of the national economy, its sectors and companies is essential for economic growth and development in the conditions of the global market. This importance is especiallyExpand
Intraweek and intraday trade anomalies: evidence from FOREX market
In this article, we search for the evidence of intraweek and intraday anomalies on the spot foreign exchange (FOREX) market. Having in mind the international scope of this market, empirical evidenceExpand
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Analysis Of The Effects Of Implemetation Of Cash Netting In Securities Settlement System In Montenegro
In this paper the authors were exploring causes and consequences of implementation of cash netting in securities settlement system in Montenegro. From its foundation in 2000 till the beginning ofExpand
Fiscal Stability of the Local Government Units in the Republic of Srpska
Abstract Fiscal stability of the local self-government units is the condition for stable public finances of the Republic of Srpska (hereinafter: RS) as a whole. Stable public finances of localExpand
Anaxagoras, the Thoroughgoing Infinitist: The Relation between his Teachings on Multitude and on Heterogeneity
In the analysis of Anaxagoras’ physics in view of the relation between his teachings on multitude and heterogeneity, two central questions emerge: 1) How can the structure of the universe consideredExpand
Towards and Effective Financial Management: Relevance ofDividend Discount Model in Stock Price Valuation
The aim of this paper is to analyze the relevance of dividend discount model, i.e. its specific form in stock price estimation known as Gordon growth model. The expected dividends can be a measure ofExpand
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