Saúl Lino-Silva

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Carcinomas of the gallbladder are morphologically heterogeneous. Some are similar or mimic carcinomas that commonly arise in other organs and therefore can be confused with metastatic lesions. We report here the clinicopathologic features of 7 cribriform carcinomas of the gallbladder that resemble cribriform carcinomas of the breast. Five patients were(More)
INTRODUCTION Changes in the prevalence of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) have been reported in institutions and national cancer registries. OBJECTIVE To describe time trends in benign and malignant thyroid diseases in a national endocrine referral center. MATERIALS AND METHODS Systematic review and classification of consecutive specimens with(More)
BACKGROUND In surgical pathology, atypical small acinar proliferation is commonly detected in prostate biopsies. Most studies on atypical small acinar proliferation have examined morphological characteristics and the utility of immunohistochemical studies. However, these resources are not available to many pathology departments. We have found that examining(More)
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