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Recent research on the learning process has shown that students tend to learn in different ways and that they prefer to use different teaching resources as well. Many researchers agree on the fact that learning materials shouldn’t just reflect of the teacher’s style, but should be designed for all kinds of students and all kind of learning styles. Even(More)
Defect management is a central task in software maintenance. When a defect is reported, appropriate resources must be allocated to analyze and resolve the defect. An important issue in resource allocation is the estimation of Defect Resolution Time (DRT). Prior research has considered different approaches for DRT prediction exploiting information retrieval(More)
Modelling processes and guiding their enactment are key issues in research on the formalisation of methods. This paper presents a formalism called map for specifying process models. Process maps describe the users intentions. Each intention can be fulfilled through different strategies. The user is free in choosing the technique he wants to apply. Process(More)
Technology and mobile devices have been successfully integrated in peoples’ everyday activities. Educational institutions around the world are increasing their interest to create mobile learning (ML) environments considering the advantage of connectivity, situated learning, individualized learning, social interactivity, portability, affordability and more(More)
RÉSUMÉ. L'ingénierie des systèmes d'information fait appel à de multiples langages pour modéliser, programmer et manipuler divers artéfacts tout le long du cycle de développement. Ces langages sont généralement supportés par des outils logiciels. La construction de ces outils est une tâche complexe menée souvent de manière ad-hoc. L’exploitation adéquate(More)
The amount of data in large-scale software engineering contexts continues to grow and challenges efficiency of software engineering efforts. At the same time, information related to requirements plays a vital role in the success of software products and projects. To face the current challenges in software engineering information management, software(More)
Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) have emerged as a promising technology that has shown enormous potential in improving the quality of healthcare, and has thus found a broad range of medical applications from ubiquitous health monitoring to emergency medical response systems. The huge amount of highly sensitive data collected and generated by WBAN nodes(More)
The increasing growth in popularity of Web services has made it difficult for business users to fully benefit from these services if they remain specified at the software level. The introduction of intentional services is an alternative for bridging the gap between low level, technical software-service descriptions and high level, strategic expressions of(More)
Integrating Web 2.0 technologies in e-government opens up new opportunities for improving the quality of online public services and developing new ones, and can potentially contribute in achieving e-government strategic objectives. This paper presents and analyzes the result of an exploratory field study conducted recently with a group of e-government(More)