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Differentiation of bone marrow derived precursors into mature T cells takes place in the thymus. During differentiation, T cells develop the receptor repertoire which allows them to recognize antigen in the context of self major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. Mature T helper cells (mostly CD4+ CD8-) recognize antigen in the context of class II(More)
T cells recognize foreign antigens together with those MHC glycoproteins they have encountered during their development in the thymus. How the repertoire of antigen-specific TCRs is selected has not yet been fully defined. We have investigated the T cell repertoire specificities of CD4-CD8+ cytotoxic T cells developing under conditions where one of the(More)
The specificity ofT lymphocytes derives from the properties ofclonally distributed membrane receptors. For most peripheral T cells (CD4+ CD8-and CD4-CD8+), antigen is corecognized with molecules of the MHC by a receptor consisting ofclonally diverse aR heterodimers associated with the multichain CD3 complex (1-3). Recently, a subpopulation ofT cells was(More)
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