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Cloud computing plays the promising role in recent technology. Many companies are involved themselves in this computing to enjoy full-fledged services. But now the situation are not like that because of security issues. Security issues reduce the growth of the computing. In this paper we are surveying the security related issue and also we discuss the(More)
A theoretical model of an electrocatalytic processes taking place at conducting polymer modified electrodes is discussed. In this model the diffusion of solution species, charge carriers and chemical reaction within the film are taken into account. The model involves the system of non-linear non-steady-state reaction diffusion equations. Analytical(More)
A lipase producing bacterium, Bacillus cereus MSU AS was isolated from the gut of a marine fish Sardinella longiceps. In total, seven agricultural waste substrates (coconut oil cake, neem oil cake, onion skin waste, wheat bran, jack fruit waste, banana skin peels and pomegranate skin peel) were selected for solid state production of lipase by B. cereus MSU(More)
Doppler echocardiography on current ultrasonography machines makes use of short-time Fourier spectrograms (STFTs) to display the patterns of blood vevocities in the heart chamber. From these sonologists infer the functional parameters, such as valve area, that have pathological significance. After mention of the lacuna in such an STFT display, the Gabor(More)
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