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In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, engineering practice continues to evolve but engineering education has not changed appreciably since the 1950s. This schism has prompted industry , government, and other key constituents to question the rel-evancy and efficacy of current programs. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(More)
In the workplace, employees need to be protected from the health threats of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. There is a significant cost to employers associated with employee smoking at work, yet the uptake and development of a well-defined policy on smoking are not widespread, and few policies tackle the issue through promotion of smoking(More)
This study compares the job satisfaction experienced by intensive care nurses practising primary nursing with those who practised total patient care in an a earlier study using the same tool. Differences in the job aspects of; challenge, initiative, seeing work through, output/goals, knowledge and skills appear to be associated with the organisational(More)
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