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Direct-force measurements of the interactions between recombinant C-cadherin from Xenopus demonstrated that the ectodomain of cadherin exhibits multiple adhesive contacts that involve successive domains along the extracellular region of the protein. Contacts between the fully interdigitated antiparallel proteins form the strongest adhesive interaction. A(More)
Direct measurements of the interactions between antiparallel, oriented monolayers of the complete extracellular region of C-cadherin demonstrate that, rather than binding in a single unique orientation, the cadherins adhere in three distinct alignments. The strongest adhesion is observed when the opposing extracellular fragments are completely(More)
In this work, we used direct measurements with the surface force apparatus to determine the pH-dependent electrostatic charge density of a single binding face of streptavidin. Mean field calculations have been used with considerable success to model electrostatic potential fields near protein surfaces, but these models and their inherent assumptions have(More)
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