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Natural product extracts of plant and marine origin having antileukemia potential. The NCI experience.
The National Cancer Institute has tested over 90,000 extracts of terrestrial plants and marine plants and invertebrates in its human cancer one-dose/60-cell-line prescreen, and the results for plants and Marine organisms meeting criteria established for activity against selected leukemia cell lines are presented.
RNA Dependent DNA Polymerase of Human Acute Leukaemic Cells
An RNA dependent DNA polymerase analogous to that of RNA tumour viruses has been found in lymphoblasts of leukaemic patients but not of normal donors. The enzyme can use an RNA template from
The Underlying Molecular, Cellular and Immunological Factors in Cancer and Aging
Developed from the proceedings of the workshop (on title), to bring together scientists from diverse disciplines in cancer biology, epidemiology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, gerontology, and drug resistance to discuss the possible underlying mechanisms behind drug resistance.
The Camptothecin Experience: From Chinese Medicinal Plants to Potent Anti-Cancer Drugs
This communication describes the drug discovery and development process of camptothecin from Camptotheca acuminata at the NCI in collaboration with Monroe E. Wall's group of the Research Triangle Institute and other laboratories facilitated by NCI support.
Activation and Specificity of Aflatoxin B 1 Binding on hhc M , a Human Oncogene of Low Efficiency, and Cell Transformation
Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), a metabolite of Aspergillus flavus, chemically classified as a furocoumarin, is known to be the most potent hepatocarcinogen experimentally tested in various species including