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1. Starch gel electrophoresis of adult brine shrimps from 15 populations revealed little intrapopulation polymorphism in NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase (MDH) isozymes or in the two fastest esterases (demonstrated with alpha-naphthyl propionate as substrate). 2. Interpopulation differences could be summarized as three different electrophoresis band(More)
Fifteen of 20 gonochoristic Artemia populations are crossfertile with diploid San Francisco shrimps, producing fertile F1 and viable F2 progeny. Partial sex linkage of white eye was observed and frequency of crossing over between the white and sex loci did not exceed the range of values observed in San Francisco shrimps. Possible mechanisms for wide(More)
In this thesis I discuss the detailed form of the cluster size distribution as it evolves during the salt-induced aggregation of colloidal polystyrene microspheres. I also present a new experimental tool: an optical pulse particle size analyzer, which has made it possible to observe the microscopic size distribution in this system for the first time. The(More)
New developments in DNA sequencing techniques permit rapid progress in the determination of both repetitious and single-copy mammalian sequences. Three distinct families of highly repetitious satellite DNA's from the kangaroo rat Dipodomys ordii have been sequenced. With the MS satellite it was possible to show that the basic repeat sequence and its(More)
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