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A histoenzymologic investigation was made concerning the effects of variable doses of thyroxine, cortisol, growth hormone, testosterone propionate and stilboestrol on some oxydo-reducing and lysosomal enzymes activity in rat pineal cell cultures. The thyroxine stimulated predominantly the enzymes of Krebs and Emhden-Meyerhoff cycles and the lipid(More)
The circadian rhythms of plasma cortisol was examined in 25 persons aged between 70 and 100 years by comparison with 5 adults aged between 17 and 38 years. The blood samples were drawn at 16 hundred, 20 hundred, 00 hundred, 04 hundred and 08 hundred hrs. Cortisol was assayed by the fluorimetric method. The experimental data were analyzed by Halberg's(More)
For 3 successive days, at 0600, 1200, 1800 and 0000, the circadian variations of corticosterone, RNA and DNA were followed up in the adrenals of 3 lots of prebuertal (30 days old), adult (120 days old) and old (28 months old) white Wistar male rats. There is a correlation between the circadian rhythm of corticosterone secretion and the circadian rhythms of(More)