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Botulinum toxin A is the more efficient therapy of focal dystonias and hemifacial spasm. Our experience with botulinum toxin A injections in 115 patients is reported. Marked or total improvement was achieved in all 45 patients with hemifacial spasm, in 70% of 20 patients with essential blepharospasm and in 71.4% of 14 patients with Meige's syndrome. In(More)
Levodopa-induced motor fluctuations (MF) is a disabling complication of Parkinson's disease (PD) and is usually refractory to conventional treatment. Apomorphine, a dopamine agonist with affinity for both D1 and D2 receptors, has been emerged as an useful alternative in the management of MF of PD. The frequency of nausea and vomiting prevented its use in(More)
(2 pacientes, 33,3%). As complicações de caráter transitório ocorreram, sendo as mais frequentes ptose palpebral e diminuição da força palpebral e a mais grave, pneumonia aspirativa. Acreditamos que a toxina é forma eficaz e habitualmente segura de tratamento destas condições clínicas. A toxina botulínica A é considerada a mais potente toxina natural(More)
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