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BACKGROUND Intestinal epithelial dysfunction is a common pathophysiologic feature in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients and might be the link to its clinical manifestations. We previously showed that chronic psychosocial stress induces jejunal epithelial barrier dysfunction; however, whether this epithelial response is gender-specific and might thus(More)
There is no unanimity in literature on sexual dimorphism or on age related morphophometric changes in the Corpus Callosum (CC). For comprehensive data 44 preserved human brains (22 male and 22 female) and 30 MRI scans from North-west Indian population were studied. Morphometric measurements of the CC and its subregions were taken at the midsagittal level in(More)
INTRODUCTION Morphometric measurements of the corpus callosum (CC) are necessary to have normative values for studying sex, age and race related variations. METHODS Morphometry of the CC was done in preserved brain specimens and in MRI scans, in adults.The measurements included parameters like length, width, height of the cc, distances between genu and(More)
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