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Photoplethysmography (p.h.p.l.) is a noninvasive method of monitoring changes in peripheral blood volume. The method consists of illuminating the skin with a light flux, and detecting transmitted or backscattered light from the vascular bed by a photosensor. Experience and measurements show that the photoconductor (p.h.c.) is among the most sensitive of(More)
  • SOCLE FINE, Abdelouahab Idelhadj, El Amin Kaidi, Dolores Mart́ın
A class C of modules over a unitary ring is said to be socle fine if whenever M,N ∈ C with Soc(M) ∼= Soc(N) then M ∼= N . In this work we characterize certain types of rings by requiring a suitable class of its modules to be socle fine. Then we study socle fine classes of quasi-injective, quasi-projective and quasicontinuous modules which we apply to find(More)
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