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In a 2-year retrospective study, the database of the microbiology laboratory of the Imam Khomeini Hospital was reviewed to identify patients who had nosocomial bacteraemia between 1 May 1999 and 31 May 2001 and identify the pathogen responsible and its resisitance to antibiotics. Of 6492 patients in various wards, 593 (9.1%) had positive blood cultures; 85(More)
BACKGROUND The main goal was to address the prevalence of enteric protozoan parasites in rural areas of Bandar-Abbas, southern Iran and to compare the results with the only conducted study in 1978. METHODS This descriptive study was performed from 2009 through 2010 on the 565 fecal samples. Formalin-ether concentration technique was performed and the(More)
The preconception period is an ideal opportunity to optimize women's health. This study of women attending premarital clinics in the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed to evaluate the impact of a health education workshop on their health locus of control and self-efficacy in physical activity. The design was a randomized controlled trial with a questionnaire(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a common psychiatric disorder worldwide, including in Iran, and is estimated to affect 10%-15% of the population. Antidepressant drugs can have multiple side effects, so a good choice of drug is important for successful treatment. This study compared the efficacy of nortriptyline with that of fluoxetine in the treatment of patients(More)
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