SM Nielsen

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We performed phototherapeutic keratectomy with a 193-nm excimer laser on 18 sighted patients (18 eyes) to treat corneal opacities. The corneal opacities were caused by corneal dystrophies in five patients; corneal scars secondary to corneal ulcers in six patients; corneal scar secondary to trauma in four patients; and band keratopathy, atopy, or corneal(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess disease characteristics and outcome in Danish juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) patients (1977-2007). METHODS Medical record review of hospital records identified from the National Patient Register. RESULTS Fifty-seven JDM patients were identified. Follow-up time was 7 years (range 0.06-30). Female:male ratio was 2.5:1. Mean age at(More)
Purpose-Retrospective assessment of disease characteristics and outcome for the Danish cohort of Juvenile Dermatomy-ositis (JDM) patients, 1977 – 2005.-Evaluation of the Myositis disease activity assessment tool (MYOACT) and Myositis intention to treat activity index (MITAX) as prognostic tools. Methods Hospital records from Danish JDM patients (1977 –(More)
This study explored how a HMD-experienced virtual environment influences physical balance of six balance-impaired adults 59-69 years-of-age, when compared to a control group of eight non-balance-impaired adults, 18-28 years-of-age. The setup included a Microsoft Kinect and a self-created balance board controlling a skiing game. Two tests were conducted:(More)
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