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This work describes analyses of the function of the murid herpesvirus 4 strain 68 (MHV-68) M2 gene. A frameshift mutation was made in the M2 open reading frame that caused premature termination of translation of M2 after amino acid residue 90. The M2 mutant showed no defect in productive replication in vitro or in lungs after infection of mice. Likewise,(More)
The role of parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) in fetal calcium homeostasis and placental calcium transport was examined in mice homozygous for the deletion of the PTHrP gene (PTHrP-/- null; NL) compared to PTHrP+/+ (wild-type; WT) and PTHrP+/- (heterozygous; HZ) littermates. Fetal blood ionized calcium was significantly reduced in NL fetuses(More)
Intranasal infection of mice with the murine gamma-herpesvirus MHV-68 results in an acute lytic infection in the lung, followed by the establishment of lifelong latency. Development of an infectious mononucleosis-like syndrome correlates with the establishment of latency and is characterized by splenomegaly and the appearance of activated CD8+ T cells in(More)
Evidence is emerging that the ability of the placenta to supply nutrients to the developing fetus adapts according to fetal demand. To examine this adaptation further, we tested the hypothesis that placental maternofetal transport of calcium adapts according to fetal calcium requirements. We used a mouse model of fetal growth restriction, the(More)
Maintaining high protein content in soybean seeds is critical in view of the premium offered for protein content in soymeal in international market. Besides, quality of several soy-based products depends upon crude protein content of the initial raw material used. Determination of protein content in soybean seeds through wet chemistry involves use of(More)
Molecular identity of dominant cultivars of soybean needs to complement the morphological descriptors, which are insufficient and influenced by environment, for protecting the interest of breeders and maintaining the genetic purity. In the present investigation, genomic DNA of six commercial Indian soybean varieties viz. JS95-60, JS93-05, NRC7, JS97-52,(More)
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