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This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of salicylic acid (SA) and methyl jasmonate (MeJA) on anthocyanin induction, biomass accumulation, and color value (CV) indices for both pigment content (PC) and pigment production (PP) in callus cultures of Rosa hybrida cv. Pusa Ajay. A concentration-dependent response was exhibited by cultures on SA and(More)
The influence of varied concentrations of sucrose and ammonical (NH 4 + ) nitrogen on in vitro induction and expression of anthocyanin pigments from Rosa hybrida cv. ‘Pusa Ajay’ was investigated. Of two explants (petal and leaf discs) selected and cultured under two different conditions (light and dark), leaf discs were found to be most suitable for callus(More)
In vitro carotenoid pigment production in callus cultures of Calendula officinalis L. was investigated using two basal media, semi-solid versus liquid media and varied concentrations of sucrose, ammonium, and nitrate nitrogen. Of the two explants that were evaluated, floret explants were best for callus induction using Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium(More)
BACKGROUND AND THE PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Lovastatin is an antihyperlipidemic agent which has low bioavailability due to the extensive first pass metabolism. It was sought to increase gastric retention of lovastatin by development of a sustained release gastroretentive drug delivery system leading to reduced fluctuation in the plasma concentration and(More)
The naturally occurring xanthone glycoside mangiferin has been isolated by column chromatography from the ethanol extract of stem bark of Mangifera indica. Mangiferin was further converted to 5-(N-phenylaminomethyleno)mangiferin, 5-(N-p-chlorophenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N-2-methylphenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N-p-methoxyphenylaminomethyleno)(More)
The productivity of arid legumes in arid and semi-arid tracks remains virtually stagnant over decades because of their susceptibility to root diseases. The information on interaction of beneficial nitrogen fixing rhizobia with particular reference to arid legumes of the region is limited. Systematic studies on predominant species Sinorhizobium saheli in(More)
Efficient reproduction plays the key role in swine production. There are enough possibilities that improvement in the efficiency of swine reproduction can result from suitable application of herbal medicines. The use of herbal preparations, Payapro and Exapar (Dabur Ayurvet) are effective in checking Metritis-Mastitis-Agalactia Syndrome in sows, resulting(More)
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