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A simple method was developed for isolating DNA from jute seed, which contains high amounts of mucilage and secondary metabolites, and a PCR protocol was standardized for detecting the seedborne pathogen Macrophomina phaseolina. The cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide method was modified with increased salt concentration and a simple sodium acetate treatment(More)
The Class F fly ash has been subjected to high energy ball milling and has been converted into nano-structured material. The nano structured fly ash has been characterized for its particle size by using particle size analyzer, specific surface area with the help of BET surface area apparatus, structure by X-ray diffraction studies and FTIR, SEM and TEM have(More)
A multiplex nested PCR assay was developed by optimizing reaction components and reaction cycling parameters for simultaneous detection of Corchorus golden mosaic virus (CoGMV) and a phytoplasma (Group 16Sr V-C) causing little leaf and bunchy top in white jute (Corchorus capsularis). Three sets of specific primers viz. a CoGMV specific (DNA-A region)(More)
UNLABELLED We have developed a simple method of direct PCR (dPCR) without time-consuming procedures of DNA extraction by directly using the leaf bits for rapid detection of begomoviruses in jute and mesta. The leaf bits were treated with a lysis buffer for 35 min, and the lysate was used as PCR template. Different components and their concentration in lysis(More)
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