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This case report describes a rare differential diagnosis of soft-tissue infection in a neonate. Fever, pain, inflammation, and acute tenderness in the limb of a neonate signify acute infection or osteomyelitis unless proved otherwise. Iatrogenic calcinosis cutis presents with similar symptoms and signs; its diagnosis may be easily confused with an infective(More)
Spontaneous hemoperitoneum (SH) is a rare entity which can be life-threatening. Gastrointestinal neurofibromas are rare. Occasionally, such lesions may be the initial sign of NF1 in patients without any other clinical manifestations of the disease. The clinical presentations of isolated neurofibromatous lesions of the intestines are variable. In(More)
Supravalvar aortic stenosis as well as peripheral pulmonary stenosis are rare forms of congenital heart disease, which occur, however, relatively frequently in association. Here we report and discuss the classical findings of SVAS and PPS upon clinical examination and imaging in a six-year-old girl that presented with repeated respiratory tract infections(More)
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