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The use of acrylic bone cement has a number of shortcomings, viz., high curing temperatures that can cause thermal necrosis, release of toxic monomer, and a less than perfect cement-to-bone bond. However, by modifying the cement composition through the addition of a soluble, nontoxic filler such as sucrose or tricalcium phosphate which does not impair the(More)
Experimental evidence and field data suggest that agents hold two seemingly unrelated biases: failure to account for the fact that behavior of others reflect their private information (“winner’s curse”); and a tendency to value a good more once it is owned (“endowment effect”). In this paper we propose that these two phenomena are closely related: the(More)
We assessed the relation between the empathic responsiveness of young adults and the relative frequency and intensity of distressful events they experienced as children. Undergraduate subjects (N = 111; 56 men and 55 women) were led to believe that they were participating in two separate studies. In the first study, students completed the Distress(More)
To pay for environmental and public infrastructure costs associated with shale gas wells, Pennsylvania introduced a per-well Impact Fee despite concerns that it would discourage industry investment. Using a quasi-experimental design and data that nearly cover the universe of leases and wells in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, we find that leasing by(More)
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