SE Dobrin

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A genome-wide scan in 60 bipolar affective disorder (BPAD) affected sib-pairs (ASPs) identified linkage on chromosome 21 at 21q22 (D21S1446, NPL = 1.42, P = 0.08), a BPAD susceptibility locus supported by multiple studies. Although this linkage only approaches significance, the peak marker is located 12 Kb upstream of S100B, a neurotrophic factor implicated(More)
Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a complex genetic disorder with cycling symptoms of depression and mania. Despite the extreme complexity of this psychiatric disorder, attempts to localize genes which confer vulnerability to the disorder have had some success. Chromosomal regions including 4p16, 12q24, 18p11, 18q22, and 21q21 have been repeatedly linked to BPD in(More)
Keynote address: " Sweet dreams: using genome wide association methods to find genes for diabetes and obesity " Irish Travellers are a nomadic people in whom early marriage, frequent child bearing and consanguinity are cultural norms. They number 22,445, <0.5% of the Irish population, 9.6% of the 1465 patients listed at NCIMD on January 1 st 2007 were(More)
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