SD Aguilar

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Heartbeat fluctuations show fractal-like correlations that are associated with highly adaptive cardiovascular regulatory systems. Moreover, the short-range fractal or scaling exponent alpha(1) extracted from these correlations has been found to be a predictor of mortality for subjects with an impaired left ventricular function. In general, the RR-interval(More)
OBJECTIVE Several studies have suggested that the analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) during gestation provides indications of the development or maturation of fetal cardiovascular regulatory mechanisms. In this study, we evaluate the existence of short-range fractal-like correlations in fetal RR fluctuations data from the second half of human(More)
We used Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) to assess the high frequency information of fetal HRV during different conditions of fetal activity. Beat-to-beat data of thirteen normal fetuses at term (36 to 40 gestation weeks) were obtained from abdominal ECG signals. In addition, corporal and breathing fetal movements were simultaneously observed using(More)
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