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Single crystal sapphire implants are commercially prepared ceramics of aluminum oxide. These endosseous implants have been placed in patients at Washington University since 1978. The course of patients has been followed closely with periodic clinical and radiographic evaluations. Sapphire is well tolerated by hard and soft tissue and provides excellent(More)
C entric relation may be recorded by using active or passive mandibular movement. By definition, active recording of the retruded mandibular position is assumed by the patient without the aid of the examiner, whereas pas& recording is made by the examiner without the conscious cooperation of the patient.' Manipulating the mandible to repeat terminal hinge(More)
1. Statistical analysis of the graphic data showed no significant difference between the Denar D5A and Hanau 130-21 articulators for the five subjects tested. 2. The average horizontal Gothic arch angle (beta) at incision was 135 degrees. 3. The functional stroke for the subjects was approximately 5 mm. in the incisor region and 2.5 to 3 mm. in each molar(More)
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