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The labeling of muscle fiber proteins with iodoacetamido)tetramethylrhodamine (IATR) was reinvestigated with the purified 5' or 6' isomers of IATR. Both isomers modify the myosin heavy chain within the 20-kDa fragment of myosin subfragment 1 (S1) but with different rates, and only the 5'-IATR alters K(+)-EDTA- and Ca(2+)-activated ATPases. Absorption(More)
Measurements of homogeneous and heterogeneous fluorescence intensity decays using a hybrid time-correlated single photon counting/multifrequency phase fluorometer are reported. A trio of fluorophores exhibiting a range of decay profiles was selected. p-Terphenyl, 1,4-bis[2-(4-methyl-5-phenyloxazolyl)]benzene [(Me)2POPOP], and(More)
Calmodulin binds to amphiphilic, helical peptides of a variety of amino-acid sequences. These peptides are usually positively charged, although there is spectroscopic evidence that at least one neutral peptide binds. The complex between calmodulin and one of its natural target peptides, the binding site for calmodulin on smooth muscle myosin light-chain(More)
This novel approach to the analysis of multiexponential functions is based on the combined use of the Laplace transform and Padé approximants (Yeramian, E., and P. Claverie. 1987. Nature (Lond.). 326:169-174). It is similar in principle to the well-known Isenberg method of moments (Isenberg, I. 1983. Biophys. J. 43:141-148) traditionally applied to the(More)
Thespectroscopic properties of Trp152 of eel skeletal muscletroponin C have been studied under conditions in which the COOH-domain is depleted of metal ions, titrated with Mg2+ andsubsequently with Ca2+. This spectroscopic study clearly showsthat the Mg2+ or Ca2+-bound states substitution lead to distinctconformations of the COOH-domain. The analysis of eel(More)
The interpretation of fluorescence intensity decay times in terms of protein structure and dynamics depends on the accuracy and sensitivity of the methods used for data analysis. The are many methods available for the analysis of fluorescence decay data, but justification for choosing any one of them is unclear. In this paper we generalize the recently(More)
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