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A 40% tributyl phosphate solution in xylene was used for the quantitative extraction of arsenic(III) from 4M hydrochloric acid/2M lithium chloride. It was stripped from the organic phase with water and determined volumetrically with potassium bromate. The period of equilibration was 3 min. Arsenic was extracted in presence of copper, cobalt, nickel, tin,(More)
A novel short-term wind energy forecasting method, which is being developed under the UBD-IBM renewable energy modeling initiative, is described in this paper. The paper starts with a brief review on the existing forecasting methods. Prediction models based on the physical (derived from Numerical Whether Prediction models) and Time Series approaches are(More)
A new method for the extractive separation of hafnium from zirconium is presented. Zirconium is extracted with pure mesityl oxide from 4M nitric acid/4M sodium nitrate medium, followed by extraction of hafnium with mesityl oxide from 0.4M hydrochloric acid/2M ammonium thiocyanate medium. It is possible to accomplish clean separations of Hf from Zr in ratios(More)
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