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The functions of major intrinsic protein (MIP) of lens are still unresolved; however the sequence homology with channel-forming integral membrane protein (CHIP) and other Aquaporins suggests that MIP is a water channel. Immunolocalizations confirmed that Xenopus oocytes injected with bovine MIP cRNA express the protein and target it to the plasma membrane.(More)
Water transport across the mammalian collecting tubule is regulated by vasopressin-dependent aquaporin-2 insertion into and retrieval from the apical cell membrane. To establish a cell line that properly expresses aquaporin-2 and its hormone-dependent shuttling, Madin-Darby canine kidney cells were stably transfected with an aquaporin-2 expression construct.
During ovulation, production of a specialized hyaluronan (HA)-rich matrix cross-linked by associated HA binding factors causes expansion of the cumulus oocyte complex. Versican is a member of the hyalectan family that binds HA, provides structure and elasticity to tissues, and impacts cell motility and adhesion. In these studies, we sought to determine(More)
Introduction The user-friendliness of the Internet is reaching a stage in which it is no longer an ordeal to retrieve even the simplest information from the vast database that the net is offering. Although the Internet is still confined to the boundaries of the personal computer screen, this will soon be past tense; it is now clear that the Internet is(More)
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