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The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change as a Gateway Belief: Experimental Evidence
There is currently widespread public misunderstanding about the degree of scientific consensus on human-caused climate change, both in the US as well as internationally. Moreover, previous researchExpand
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Risk perceptions of COVID-19 around the world
Abstract The World Health Organization has declared the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world a global public health emergency. It is well-known that the spread of the disease is influenced byExpand
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Improving Public Engagement With Climate Change
Despite being one of the most important societal challenges of the 21st century, public engagement with climate change currently remains low in the United States. Mounting evidence from across theExpand
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On the relationship between personal experience, affect and risk perception: The case of climate change
Examining the conceptual relationship between personal experience, affect, and risk perception is crucial in improving our understanding of how emotional and cognitive process mechanisms shape publicExpand
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Inoculating the Public against Misinformation about Climate Change
Effectively addressing climate change requires significant changes in individual and collective human behavior and decision‐making. Yet, in light of the increasing politicization of (climate)Expand
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Communicating uncertainty about facts, numbers and science
Uncertainty is an inherent part of knowledge, and yet in an era of contested expertise, many shy away from openly communicating their uncertainty about what they know, fearful of their audience'sExpand
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Highlighting consensus among medical scientists increases public support for vaccines: evidence from a randomized experiment
BackgroundA substantial minority of American adults continue to hold influential misperceptions about childhood vaccine safety. Growing public concern and refusal to vaccinate poses a serious publicExpand
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Green prison programmes, recidivism and mental health: A primer.
Although the USA has the largest prison population in the world, most prison rehabilitation programmes have been criticised for lacking any demonstrable efficacy, ultimately ‘having no appreciableExpand
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The fake news game: actively inoculating against the risk of misinformation
Abstract The rapid spread of online misinformation poses an increasing risk to societies worldwide. To help counter this, we developed a ‘fake news game’ in which participants are actively taskedExpand
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Susceptibility to misinformation about COVID-19 around the world
Misinformation about COVID-19 is a major threat to public health. Using five national samples from the UK (n = 1050 and n = 1150), Ireland (n = 700), the USA (n = 700), Spain (n = 700) and Mexico (nExpand
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