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The Birth of Territory
Territory is one of the central political concepts of the modern world and, indeed, functions as the primary way the world is divided and controlled politically. Yet territory has not received theExpand
Secure the volume: Vertical geopolitics and the depth of power
Abstract We all-too-often think of the spaces of geography as areas, not volumes. Territories are bordered, divided and demarcated, but not understood in terms of height and depth. ‘Secure the area’Expand
Understanding Henri Lefebvre : theory and the possible
Introduction: Henri Lefebvre 1901-1991 1. Rethinking Marxism 2. Engaging with Philosophy 3. The Critique of Everyday Life 4. From the Rural to the Urban 5. Space, Time and History 6. Politics and theExpand
Land, terrain, territory
This paper outlines a way toward conceptual and historical clarity around the question of territory. The aim is not to define territory, in the sense of a single meaning; but rather to indicate theExpand
Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography
Contents: Introduction: Space, knowledge and power: Foucault and geography, Stuart Elden and Jeremy W. Crampton. Part 1 Questions: Some questions from Michel Foucault to HA(c)rodote, Michel FoucaultExpand
Governmentality, Calculation, Territory
In this paper I discuss Foucault's two recently published courses, Sécurité, Territoire, Population and Naissance de la Biopolitique. Foucault notes that he has undertaken a genealogy of the modernExpand
Missing the point: globalization, deterritorialization and the space of the world
This article provides a critique of a dominant strand of the literature on globalization – that which suggests it can be understood as deterritorialization. It argues that suggestions that we haveExpand
Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty
Political theorists tend to prioritize the temporal over the spatial. We tend to imagine states of nature before the social contract and the triumph of utopian societies after our contemporaryExpand
Between Marx and Heidegger: Politics, Philosophy and Lefebvre's The Production of Space
This article argues that the work of Martin Heidegger is extremely important in understanding Henri Lefebvre's intellectual project. It suggests that Lefebvre's trio of influential thinkers—Hegel,Expand