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Nature and health.
This work focuses on nature as represented by aspects of the physical environment relevant to planning, design, and policy measures that serve broad segments of urbanized societies and considers research on pathways between nature and health involving air quality, physical activity, social cohesion, and stress reduction.
Green space, urbanity, and health: how strong is the relation?
This research shows that the percentage of green space in people’s living environment has a positive association with the perceived general health of residents, and green space seems to be more than just a luxury and consequently the development of greenspace should be allocated a more central position in spatial planning policy.
Natural Environments—Healthy Environments? An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship between Greenspace and Health
Are people living in greener areas healthier than people living in less green areas? This hypothesis was empirically tested by combining Dutch data on the self-reported health of over 10 000 people
Morbidity is related to a green living environment
It is indicated that the previously established relation between green space and a number of self-reported general indicators of physical and mental health can also be found for clusters of specific physician-assessed morbidity.
Nature and mental health: An ecosystem service perspective
It is shown how ecosystem service assessments can be expanded to include mental health, and a heuristic, conceptual model for doing so is provided.
Vitamin G: effects of green space on health, well-being, and social safety
The design of a research program on the effects of green space in the living environment on health, well-being and social safety is discussed, focusing on different target groups, using appropriate multilevel methods.
Greenspace in urban neighbourhoods and residents' health: adding quality to quantity
The quantity and also the quality of greenspace in one's neighbourhood seem relevant with regard to health, and streetscape greenery is at least as strongly related to self-reported health as green areas.
Green cities and health: a question of scale?
It is found that in the USA, greener cities tend also to be more sprawling and have higher levels of car dependency and any benefits that the green space might offer seem easily eclipsed by these other conditions and the lifestyles that accompany them.