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Bee and wasp stings of the eye. Retained intralenticular wasp sting: A case report.
This work reports a follow-up study of a sting retained for 28 years, and emphasise the benign and quiescent course of the case. Expand
Retinal function in high refractive error assessed electroretinographically.
The retinal function of patients with high refractive error was studied electroretinographically and it was found that myopic eyes were characterised by subnormal amplitude but normal pattern, expressed by normal relationship between the b- wave amplitude and the a-wave amplitude. Expand
Hereditary microphthalmia with colobomatous cyst.
Five members of a highly inbred kinship who had isolated microphthalmia associated with colobomatous cysts and various other ocular lesions were examined and ultrasonography was effective for prenatal diagnosis in two pregnancies at risk. Expand
Perforating injuries of the eye in childhood.
Primary and secondary overacting inferior oblique muscles: an ultrastructural study.
huge accumulations of mitochondria and muscle vacuolisation related mainly to the enlargement of the tubules of sarcoplasmic reticulum and the mitochondrial aggregates and vacuole occupied more muscle surface in the inferior muscles of primary overaction than those of secondary overaction. Expand
Recovery of the electroretinogram in rabbits after argon laser photocoagulation.
It is suggested that changes in the electrical resistance of the pigment epithelium may contribute to the ERG reduction seen immediately after laser treatment in the rabbit and to the increase in the ERGs amplitude observed during the apparent functional recovery of the retina. Expand
Efficacy of antiprostaglandin therapy in vernal conjunctivitis.
Twenty-seven patients with vernal conjunctivitis who remained symptomatic following treatment with corticosteroid drops and/or Opticrom drops were treated with aspirin and aspirin produced marked improvement in all patients apart from three. Expand
A clinical trial with Piloplex--a new long-acting pilocarpine compound: preliminary report.
Clinical studies showed that Piloplex produced a prolonged therapeutic effect, this being consistent with the slow release pattern it has displayed during in vitro experiments. Expand
Piloplex, a new long-acting pilocarpine polymer salt. A: Long-term study.
Findings indicate the lower average pressure during Piloplex medication and show its prolonged hypotensive effect. Expand