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System Design and Optimization of a Miniaturized Ion Mobility Spectrometer Using Finite-Element Analysis
Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a widely used method for detecting low ppb-level concentrations of hazardous compounds, such as chemical warfare agents, explosives, and pollutants in air. SimpleExpand
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Automated Robotic Manipulation of Individual Colloidal Particles Using Vision-Based Control
Automated manipulation of micro- and nanosized objects using robotic setups constitutes a major challenge due to the force-scaling laws and the limited control possibilities on that scale. This paperExpand
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Automated mechanical characterization of 2D materials using SEM based visual servoing
This paper presents an automated handling approach of two-dimensional nanomaterials using a robotic setup inside a high-resolution scanning electron microscope. Expand
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Robotic dual probe setup for reliable pick and place processing on the nanoscale using haptic devices
This paper presents reproducible pick and place handling of particles within the sub micron range using a robotic dual probe setup that is integrated into a high resolution scanning electron microscope. Expand
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Automated robotic manipulation of individual sub-micro particles using a dual probe setup inside the scanning electron microscope
This paper presents the current progress on fully-automated pick-and-place routines of individual colloidal particles using a dedicated dual-probe setup inside a scanning electron microscope. Expand
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Nanorobotic Processing of Graphene: A platform tailored for rapid prototyping of graphene-based devices.
Graphene, an ultrathin membrane consisting of carbon, is currently the focus of numerous research groups around the world. Due to its outstanding physical properties, this new type of material isExpand
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Nanorobotic transfer and characterization of graphene flakes
This paper presents a nanorobotic approach facilitating the transfer and characterization of individual graphene flakes that are grown by different fabrication techniques by combining a focused ion beam, high resolution scanning electron microscope and gas injection system. Expand
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Concept of a Miniaturized Ion Mobility Spectrometer and a Numerical Model for Fast System Design and Optimization
Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a widely used method for detecting low ppb-level concentrations of hazardous compounds, such as chemical warfare agents, explosives and pollutants in air. SimpleExpand
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Model-based resolution enhancement of a miniaturized ion mobility spectrometer
A numerical model has been used to study the effect of various design parameters on the resolution of our miniaturized ion mobility spectrometer (IMS). This multiphysics model is based on a finiteExpand
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Cubical photonic structures by means of ion beam assisted robotic assembly
Fabrication of tailored photonic structures with sufficient precision is a major topic in photonics since decades. However, until now, the assembly of photonic structures in order to control lightExpand
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