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Increasing the level of cardiorespiratory and strength endurance of female students by means of mixed training (Kangoo–jumps fitness and resistance training)
Background. Experts note the low level of physical fitness of female students. Fitness programs that balance the development of cardiorespiratory and strength fitness level are necessary in theExpand
Influence of Sports Asymmetry and Ambidexterity of Ground Wrestling on the Level of Competitive Performance of Greco-Roman Style Wrestlers
In our studies, the purpose of our research was to determine the level of dependence of the competitive results of Greco-Roman wrestlers with their ability to realize technique in the groundExpand
Experience in the Organization of the Neuropsychological Support of Children with Mental Retardation in Comprehensive Secondary Schools
Over the years, the neuropsychological approach has proven its validity and effectiveness as a differential-diagnostic, prognostic, preventive and corrective tool for working with different groups ofExpand