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Evaluation of thermal properties of food materials at high pressures using a dual-needle line-heat-source method.
Thermal properties of food systems at high pressure (HP) are important in the design and operation of HP processing equipment. Available techniques for thermal property evaluation under HP conditionsExpand
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Pressure Shift Freezing of Pork Muscle: Effect on Color, Drip Loss, Texture, and Protein Stability
Cylindrical specimens (50 mm diameter and 160 mm length) of fresh pork muscle (boneless rib portions) packed in plastic bags were frozen by pressure shift freezing (PSF) at 100, 150, and 200 MPa, airExpand
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Understanding phase transition during high-pressure (HP) processing of foods is important both with respect to optimizing the process and improvement of product quality, but scientific informationExpand
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Near-infrared Spectroscopy in detecting Leaf Miner Damage on Tomato Leaf
Automatic diagnosis of plant disease is important for plant management and environmental preservation in the future. The objectives of this study were to characterise the leaf reflectance spectra ofExpand
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Characterization and antimicrobial activity of a pharmaceutical microemulsion.
The characterization of a pharmaceutical microemulsion system with glycerol monolaurate as oil, ethanol as cosurfactant, Tween 40 as surfactant, sodium diacetate and water, and the antimicrobialExpand
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Characterization of ice crystals in pork muscle formed by pressure-shift freezing as compared with classical freezing methods
: Cylindrical specimens of fresh pork muscle packed in plastic bags were frozen by air blaster freezing (ABF), liquid immersion freezing (LIF), and pressure-shift freezing (PSF) (100 to 200 MPa).Expand
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Enhancement of Functional Properties of Rice Bran Proteins by High Pressure Treatment and Their Correlation with Surface Hydrophobicity
Changes in functional properties of rice bran proteins as influenced by high-pressure (HP) treatment (100–500 MPa, 10 min) were studied. Properties evaluated were protein solubility, water absorptionExpand
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Electrical conductivity of particle–fluid mixtures in ohmic heating: Measurement and simulation
Abstract The electrical conductivity (EC) of food systems is a key parameter of the ohmic heating process. Ohmic heating experiments were conducted using a Teflon cylindrical cell. ElectricalExpand
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Ohmic Heating Behaviour of Cabbage and Daikon Radish
Shredded cabbage (50 % v/v) and Daikon radish cubes (57 % v/v) with different salt concentrations (0.15, 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 1.85 %) were heated from 30 to 70 °C in a static ohmic heating cell atExpand
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Effect of high pressure processing on the stability of anthocyanin, ascorbic acid and color of Chinese bayberry juice during storage
Abstract The stability of anthocyanin (Cy3Gl) and ascorbic acid (AA) of pressure treated Chinese bayberry ( Myrica rubra Sieb . et Zucc.) juice was investigated during storage at temperature of 4 °CExpand
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