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Adaptive Compensation Method for High-Speed Surface PMSM Sensorless Drives of EMF-Based Position Estimation Error
To improve the performance of the surface permanent magnet synchronous motor drives, a sensorless control scheme based on the sliding-mode observer with an orthogonal phase-locked loop (PLL)Expand
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Composite Hierarchical Antidisturbance Control for Magnetic Bearing System Subject to Multiple External Disturbances
This paper explores a composite hierarchical antidisturbance control (CHADC) scheme for the resonance vibration suppression of a high-speed rotor system supported by active magnetic bearings in the magnetically suspended double-gimbal control moment gyroscope. Expand
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AMB Vibration Control for Structural Resonance of Double-Gimbal Control Moment Gyro With High-Speed Magnetically Suspended Rotor
This paper explores a robust μ-synthesis control scheme for structural resonance vibration suppression of high-speed rotor systems supported by active magnetic bearings (AMBs) in the magneticallyExpand
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Self-Correction of Commutation Point for High-Speed Sensorless BLDC Motor With Low Inductance and Nonideal Back EMF
This paper presents a novel self-correction method of commutation point for high-speed sensorless brushless dc motors with low inductance and nonideal back electromotive force (EMF) in order toExpand
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Active Damping Stabilization for High-Speed BLDCM Drive System Based on Band-Pass Filter
The tight-speed regulation of the motor drive system can yield constant power load characteristics, which may lead to a negative admittance effect and destabilize the power supply. In order toExpand
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Modeling and Analysis of Coupling Performance Between Passive Magnetic Bearing and Hybrid Magnetic Radial Bearing for Magnetically Suspended Flywheel
In this paper, the design and development of a novel magnetic bearing (MB) system which consists of a passive magnetic bearing (PMB) with two pairs of passive permanent magnet rings and hybridExpand
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Sensorless Control for High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Based on the Line-to-Line Back EMF
A sensorless control method for a high-speed brushless DC motor based on the line-to-line back electromotive force (back EMF) is proposed in this paper. Expand
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Vibration Suppression Control for AMB-Supported Motor Driveline System Using Synchronous Rotating Frame Transformation
A novel autobalancing method for the magnetically suspended rotor in the motor driveline system based on the synchronous rotating frame (SRF) transformation. Expand
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Attitude Sensing and Dynamic Decoupling Based on Active Magnetic Bearing of MSDGCMG
This paper explores the attitude-sensing function of the magnetically suspended double-gimbal control moment gyroscope (MSDGCMG), which can combine the attitude sensing and the attitude control into a single device to achieve a compact lightweight spacecraft design. Expand
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Design, Modeling, Fabrication, and Test of a Large-Scale Single-Gimbal Magnetically Suspended Control Moment Gyro
A successful application of the single-gimbal magnetically suspended control moment gyro (SGMSCMG) requires careful attention not only to the electromagnetic design and feedback control design aspects of the magnetic bearing (MB) but also to decoupling control aspects between the high-speed MB rotor system and the low-speed gimbal servo system. Expand
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